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Title: "The Gary Evans Story"  Documentary "I Killed My BFF" - A&E Bio Channel & LMN

Producer:  Susan Shea, Associate ProducerJarrett Creative, New York City

Casting: Principal and Featured Extras Talent

Locations:  Don Ritter, NY Capital District Film Community, Author, Producer, Film Commissioner      


Title: "The Great Escape"  -  Reality Show Pilot for TNT

Producer: Ron Howard, Imagine Entertainment  

Location: Boldt Castle, Thousand Islands, Alexandria Bay, NY

Casting: Featured Extras Talent (Imposing Castle Guards)

Title: "Bottle Service"  - Web Series

Client: Writer/Producer, Kevin Craig WestMoBetta Films  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXnJTyxaCto&feature=youtu.be

Director: Juan Lopez

Service: Principals, Featured Extras and Extras Talent Casting, Production Assistance and Logistics

"Resourceful, efficient and diligent are the descriptors that come to mind when I think of Carolyn Cocca and Cocca Casting." ~ Kevin

Craig West