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Title: Arthur Miller's "All My Sons", Charles Wood Theater
Client: Director, Terry Rabin &
Producer, Neil Akins
Service: Principal Talent Casting

Title: "Drums Along The Mohawk"
Client: Director, Kyle Jenks  

Service: Principal Talent Casting

Title: "Last of the Mohicans Outdoor Drama" (2011 & 2012)
Client: Director, David Bunce & Producer, Steven O'Connor
Service: Principal Talent Casting

"Last of the Mohicans was a difficult drama to cast because of the wide range of ages and genders of the actors needed. Cocca Casting was a great resource to use. Carolyn helped us cast many of the major roles with the talent she sent us. I don't think we could have cast the play without her help!" ~ Steven O'Connor, Producer

Title: "THE TEST" - Accepted at the "Harvest Theater One-Act Festival" New York
Client: Director, Paulina Shur, Paulina Shur Productions  

Service: Principal Talent Casting

"Recently, I had a great pleasure working with Carolyn Cocca. She was able to quickly find very good actors, both males and females. She spent numerous hours sitting through my auditions and helping me. While I was auditioning some actors, she greeted others, overseeing them filling out audition forms, choosing the right lines for them to read, explaining to them what the play was about. She stayed later discussing the results of auditions and provided me with valuable advice. She was always there for me when I needed to call her and discuss my choices and problems. Her work was timely and professional. I highly recommend Carolyn Cocca to anyone who needs to find actors or production staff for their films or plays." ~ Dr. Paulina Shur, Writer, Director, Editor