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Feature Film - "Chickadee"  http://www.chickadeethemovie.com/index.html  

Writers, Producers: Lora Lee Ecobelli and Tom Ecobelli

Attached Cast: Ellen Burstyn http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000995/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1, Chris Cooper http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0177933/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1, Julie Kavner http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001413/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman

Casting:  Principals, Featured Extras and Extras Talent

Synopsis: A true life story of Lora Lee and Tom's grandmother.  At a time when children's voices are silenced in the 1920's, a courageous 13 year old Italian-American girl, Laurina, sparks a landmark, controversial trial in upstate New York when she accuses her stepfather of a heinous crime.

Authentic Italian-American cookbook filled with family recipes, photographs, and stories of this young girl, Laurina, who grew up to own the restaurant, "Ecobelli's Tam O'Shanter" in Balston Spa, New York.  You can purchase these heirloom, delicious recipes created by Lora Lee Ecobelli and her brother, Tom Ecobelli, through Amazon.

"Cocca Casting offers the very best professional talent in the Capital District and beyond.  You can always depend on Carolyn Cocca's high standards and her keen eye for talent when casting your project. " ~ Lora Lee Ecobelli, Actress, Writer, Producer,  Founder of Blue Horse Repertory Company


Feature Film - "Upstate Grounds"

Writer, Producer, Director:  Juan Lopez, Emotivo Productions

Attached Cast: Sophie Nyweide

Casting:  Principals, Featured Extras and Extras Talent (NYC)

Synopsis: This tells the story of Aaron, a spoiled boy, who has been given everything since birth. His world is suddenly turned upside down when his parents decide to get separated. Aaron decides to bring them together through their shared love of gardens but his grandfather stands in the way.  With the help of the groundskeeper and his daughter Aaron gets to experience first hand the true meaning of raising one's self-esteem as well as what he actually can and cannot accomplish in this world.

Feature Film - "Electric City"

Writer, Director, Producer:  Nick DeRuve

Producer: Roger Moran, Mind/View Films  

Assistant Casting: Principals, Featured Extras and Extras talent

‚ÄčAudition Location:  Ray Legere

Synopsis: Upon receiving an eviction notice, Tammy and her 3 children begin to drift towards their individual escape and survival plans. Brian takes it upon himself to keep his family from dividing. But he finds solace at Electric City Comics with his uncle.  As their relationship grows closer, and the family's more dire, Brian's desperation and eagerness to help his own family take the reigns over, his uncle attempts to help him. As the eviction date nears, and his family's lives plummet, will Brian be able to save his family? Or will he witness failure in his attempt to take on this responsibility?

"Thank you, Carolyn!  I just wanted to compliment you on your professionalism and courtesy.  I was impressed by how prompt and thorough you were in all of our previous communications, and I really appreciate the confirmation email you just sent.  You cast yourself and the productions you work with in a great light!  Best."  ~ Actress, Elizabeth Maxwell, NYC